Questions and Answers

How to put the filter into the mask?

Manual you can find on our websites, here!

Is it possible to reduce the size of the mask for the children?

For children you can use the half dimensions.

You can also adjust the size of the filter with scissors.

However, it should be added that our filter size was specially designed by the Textile Faculty of TUL, with the intention of providing the highest possible protection for adults - to be able to cover most of the face, preferably from the eyes to the middle of the neck.

How much should one filter cost?

It depends on the costs of the company. In the Czech Republic we expect not more than 4 CZK.

How long we can wear one filter?

Filters are one-use only. Its effectiveness decreases with wearing time. So you can wear one filter all day, but it provides maximum protection in the first 4-6 hours. It depends on how a person breathes, whether sports in it and other factors.

Could you send us samples?

No, that is not possible. Thank you for understanding.

Which material do you use for the wire to stand the boiling? And the width?

The width of the wire is up on you. It should be comfortable for you. We use galvanized binding wire (diameter 1.2 mm), which managed 10 times boiling with washing powder. A wire hidden in a "tube" could also be suitable.

If you want to help to spread this appeal, or to start the production, contact us on email: inka.teschinska@tul.cz