Get started with production of standardized cotton cloth filters that will fit into cotton face masks! The European industry has the capacity to feed each European and more!


Get / sew yourselves face masks with standardized size and a pouch that fits a replaceable filter - you will be ready for the filters coming to the market.

Technical University of Liberec has come up with a solution that can stop the spread of coronavirus - a nanofiber filter that can be inserted into a cotton, home- made face mask. It has also started producing and supplying it in small quantities among the integrated rescue system of the Liberec Region, where this product has proved worth. However, TUL has no capacity for higher production.


Every day we receive hundreds of phone calls, e-mails and messages from paramedics, police officers, firefighters, rescuers from all over the country who have no means of protection and are- rightfully - desperate.  People from various social facilities write to us, as well as people who are seriously ill and quite understandably afraid of coronavirus infection. The situation is improving lately, as the sanitary goods is imported. But they are still not available to everyone today, but rather to the chosen ones.

That is  why we, the students from TUL, came up with the initiative "FACE MASKS WITH A FILTER FOR EVERYBODY"!

We are moving into the chronic phase of the COVID-19 epidemic, which might last for weeks, possibly months. Everyone in this country has the right to protect their health. And  that is what we have to provide ourselves.


We are convinced that the solution for the coming weeks is precisely the formula that was developed by TUL - a cloth face mask with a pouch into which a replaceable filter of standardized size 20x15 cm could be inserted. This solution has proved worth in practice and therefore we want it to be accessible to all people. Not only to health professionals in the Liberec region, but to health professionals throughout the Czech Republic- police, firefighters, rescuers, seniors, people suffering from cancer, children, adults, simply everyone.


Why does this solution have a chance to succeed? Because it is:

simple - both production and use;

effective - the protection against infection is much greater than the one of cloth face mask alone thanks to a filter (eg nanofibers);

sustainable - only the filter is waste; cloth face mask can be sterilized and used many times;

open - the filter can be made of nanofibres or any other material that proves to be effective.


Companies need to take over this recipe and start producing and distributing it immediately all over the county and republic. However, there are enough machines for the production of nanofibres and other suitable materials in the Czech Republic - and we will be pleased to help with their adjustment to get the best result.


It would also be good if other research institutions were involved and continued research to expand the range of usable materials. Openness is the most important. We can not do it ourselves!


Who are we addressing?

Companies that have facilities for production of nanofibers and other suitable materials. We will gladly provide our experience when setting up the production!

Researchers in the field of filtration, virology, etc. Help with testing and developing even more efficient filters, find more and better materials!

Anyone, who can sew cloth face masks. We make our working procedure available and we will be glad if you improve it!

We need to start producing at least 500,000 replaceable filters per day in the Czech Republic.

In the following week it can climb up to 2-3 million units a day.

It is possible, but it is necessary to involve the capacities of Czech industry.

We can do it together!


Student team from TUL