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#RouškySTulkou #MasksWithTUL

The aim of this call was to provide protective equipment during the tragic deficiency at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis. We have achieved this result over all expected scales.

Now we are trying to further develop this concept and take care of the stellar future of TUL CZ nano research.

Thank you very much to everyone who observed, supported, cooperated and helped us! Together we were able to help where the state failed. We hope that similar intervention by civil society is not going to be needed.

Thank you for your support!

- Your TUL team -



These filtrs may be made from nanofiber, or anything else which has similar behavior.


Only waste is a textile filter - cotton mask can be sterilised and reused many times!


Simple to produce, simple to use


The protection against infection is much much higher than with the cloth alone thanks to a filter.

(Warning! We do not produce, our team only mediates information!)


The appeal MASKS WITH FILTERS FOR US ALL had wanted to improve health protection of everyone in the Czech Republic - it has already started! Filters are available for everyone in our country! 

Now it is time to expend this solution to EU countries and to the world!

Our solution has two parts:

Firstly, the production of standardized nanofiber filters has to be started and secondly,

the unification of the size of the sewn masks has to be adopted, so the filter can be used on the widest possible scale.

How it is going to be done? By cooperation!

1. Companies with nanomaterial processing technology

Produce and release filters to markets!

Produce them in a standardized way, so they can be inserted into all cotton masks!

Make them with extents of 20x15 cm!

2. Sewers and sewing companies

Sew, sew, sew!

Sew masks with a pocket that can fit a 20x15 cm filter.

Adopt your production by our standardization!

3. Researchers, laboratories and other scientific institutes

From the fields of filtration, virology and similar!

Get involved, help with testing and developing even more efficient filters!

Try to find other materials that can be used!

Spread the word - wherever you can!

4. Help if you can

We all have different possibilities, contacts and other sources.

Help this appeal on your way! 

Spread it around you, in the city, in stores, at work, in your family, on social networks, ANYWHERE!

It makes sense!


 Thanks to All Sponsors And Donators 

If you want to help to spread this appeal, or to start the production, contact us on email: inka.teschinska@tul.cz

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